The fourth Global Game Jam at George Mason University (GMU) yielded some excellent games. Here’s the short list of the judges’ and jammers’ top picks from this year’s jam.

Click on the game titles to play or download them. Here is a full list of games produced at the GMU Global Game Jam 2013.

Judges’ Picks

  1. Heartline [Team info]
    Neatly designed and very complete two-player co-op platform puzzler.
  2. Awkward Friend Hour 
    People couldn’t even watch this game without laughing. An even more intense version of WarioWare minigame madness.
  3. Angiogenesis
    Make sure you’re ready to multitask (or at least have someone to play with cooperatively and split the controls) and keep the (heart)beat as you navigate carotid artery through blood vessels. Playable with a Rock Band drum set, on iPad or keyboard.

Jammers’ Picks

  1. Heartline
  2. Awkward Friend Hour
  3. Roboheart
    Great colors and physics. Robots need to pass their Robohearts between themselves to keep each other powered.

I’ve also got my fingers crossed for the future of Heart Dropper, which has the potential to become a really sweet Twitter-driven bar game. 

[p.s., full disclosure, I participated in judging.]